More internet resources for teaching

As a follow up to the last post about piano teaching on the internet, I thought I’d make another short list of a few more great resources for information on the internet.

  • If you’re on facebook, there’s lots of great resouces to check out.  There are a number of groups on Facebook that piano teachers can join.  It can be exciting to hear ideas from piano teachers all over the world! Here’s our page.
  • Another place to check out is the website Colour in my piano.  This is another page with some great resources.
  • Thirdly, check out your local library’s website.  The library has great online resources, awesome books, and you can request books from anywhere in the province and pick them up at your local branch.

Piano Teaching on the Internet

There are some great resources out there about teaching music. Here’s a few links to some useful sites:

The Royal Conservatory of Music has information about exams, a blog, and much more.

Also, there are many blogs about teaching piano, and here’s a few good ones:
Teach Piano Today
Diane Hidy
The Canadian Piano Teacher

There are many other great websites about music and music teaching. What are some of your favorites?