What is an RMT?

SRMTA Saskatoon branch members
SRMTA Group Memebers
  1. About the Registered Music Teachers’ Association
    • We are a community of experienced, professional and dedicated teachers.
    • Each of us holds at least one degree or diploma from a University, Conservatory or recognized School of Music.
    • We like to learn! We continuously seek out and study new teaching material and eagerly pass it on to students.
    • We are proud of our history! We are affiliates of the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers Association and the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Association. These associations have been active since 1938, and are responsible for the recognition of private music study as high school credits.
  2. Our Purpose
    • To embrace and promote improvements in the teaching of music.
    • To champion the interest of the public in music through our positive attitudes, concerts, workshops and through our ambassadors…the students!
    • To ensure a high standard of musicianship.
    • To maintain the recognition of music as a credit in elementary schools, high schools and universities.
    • To promote continuing education by and for music teachers.
    • To celebrate and maintain the status of professional music teachers in the province.
  3. The Objectives of the Saskatoon Branch
    • To motivate our members to continue to learn and mentor young talent.
    • To engage with other local branches around the province to share ideas about teaching, performing, and the future of music in Saskatchewan.
    • To promote progressive ideas and methods in the teaching of music; to encourage systematic preparation in the art of teaching and to recognize a high standard of musicianship and general culture within its membership community.
    • To develop and encourage interest in music as a credit in high school and university education.
    • To promote and assist all movements designed to improve the teaching of music and foster the interest of the public in music and for these purposes to join with other societies and associations having like aims and objectives in furthering these purposes.
    • To promote and maintain the status of professional music teachers in the province.