Friday 20th – 11:00am – General Meeting/Luncheon
Topic of discussion: Modern Materials for Music Making &Teaching –
Using/discovering helpful tech tools for our studios
With resident experts: Michelle Aalders, Matthew Praksas & Alyssa Thompson
(Mano’s Restaurant – 1820 8th Street E)
Friday 10th – 9:30am – General Meeting/Presentation: Follow up on Irina Gorin & the
Russian Teaching Method with guest speaker Willette Neijmeijer
(Home of Willette Neijmeijer – 11 Fraser Cres., Greystone Heights)

Friday 17th – 9:30am – AGM/Presentation: Sol-fa & applications for sight singing with
Guest speaker Joy Nelson
(Redeemer Lutheran Church – 812 Preston Ave.)
Sunday 19th – 2:00pm – Spring/Grad Recital (Emmanuel Anglican Church – 609 Dufferin Ave)
Saskatoon Music Festival
Wednesday 17th – 9:30am – General Meeting/Potluck/Round Table Discussion: Studio
Policies, Parents, Practice, & Preparation
(Home of Jhena Dela Cruz – 574 West Hampton Blvd, Hampton Village)
Sunday 28th – 2:00pm – Medalist Recital (Emmanuel Anglican Church – 609 Dufferin Ave

Calendar of events RMT 2022-2023