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Karen Sterner , — ATCL, LTCL, BMUS, RMT Piano/RCM rudiments/Harmony/Performance/Adult Studio
Home 870 University Drive (University) Saskatoon SK S7N 0J7 Cell Phone: (306) 850-7449
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Michael Swan , — BMus, ARCT, RMT Violin/Rudiments/Basic and Intermediate Harmony
Home 312 – 126 Edinburgh Place (College Park) Saskatoon Saskathcewan S7H 5J7 Home Phone: (306) 665-0499
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Edna Thiessen , — ARCT, LTCL, RMT Retired
Home 231–310 Cree Cres (Lawson Heights) Saskatoon SK S7K 8C7 Home Phone: (306) 373-9103
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Alyssa Thompson , — BMus, ARCT, RMT Clarinet/Piano/RCM Rudiments/History/Harmony/Counterpoint/Analysis she/her
Home 128 Middleton Crescent (South Nutana Park) Saskatoon SK S7J 2W4 Cell Phone: (306) 222-7088
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Donna Thomson , — B.Ed., ARCT, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments/Harmony/History/Adjudicator
Home 519 Dufferin Avenue (Nutana) Saskatoon SK S7N 1C2 Home Phone: (306) 649-2326
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Rebecca Jill Vander Kooi , — BFA, RMT Piano/Theory
Home 608 Vickies Ave (Forest Grove) Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 2P3 Home Phone: (306) 715-3562
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Phoebe Voigts , — BMus.Ed, RMT Artistic Director, Saskatoon Children’s Choir
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Heather Waldner , — ARCT, LTCL, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments/Harmony/History/Pedagogy/Counterpoint/Analysis/Adjudicator/Composer/Accompanist/Clinician/Examiner
Home 381 Clubhouse Blvd. W Warman SK S0K 4S2 Home Phone: (306) 382-3592
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Marilyn Whitehead , — B.Mus, ARCT (voice), ARCT (piano), RMT Voice/Piano/RCM Rudiments/Musical Theatre/Adjudicator/Accompanist/Clinician
Home 175 Dore Crescent (Lawson Heights) Saskatoon SK S7K 4X6 Home Phone: (306)222-2694
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Nicole Wilton , — ARCT, B.A., M.Ed. RMT PianoSuzuki Piano/Music in Early Childhood/RCM Rudiments/AdjudicatorClinician
Home 347 Coldspring Crescent (Lakeview) Saskatoon SK S7J 3M9 Home Phone: (306) 477-0687
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Anastasia Winterhalt , — B. Mus., Art Dip, M. Mus, RMT Voice
Home 423 Brookmore Crescent (Lakewood) Saskatoon Sk S7V 1C2 Home Phone: (306)716-6982
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Alexandra Wrigley , — B. Mus, B.Ed Piano
Home 301 – 418 Cumberland Avenue North (Varsity View) Saskatoon Sk SK S7N 1M6 Home Phone: (306) 960-9969
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