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Michelle Aalders — MMUS, BM, BME, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments/Accompanist
Home 722 Lynd Crescent (Stonebridge) Saskatoon SK S7T 0C6 Home Phone: (306) 382-9830
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Margaret Andres — ARCT, LTCL, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments
Home 419 Highway 305 Box 582 Dalmeny Saskatchewan S0K 1E0 Home Phone: (306) 254-2791
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Naida Archer — MMUS, BMUS, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments/History/Harmony/Analysis/Counterpoint/Pedagogy
Home 262 Waterloo Crescent (East College Park) Saskatoon SK S7H 4G5 Home Phone: (306) 373-7283
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Nicholas Arsenault — BMus, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments/Harmony/History
Home 1007 Avenue L North (Westmount) Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7L 2R7 Home Phone: (306)220-7413
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Adrianne Bank — ARCT, B. Mus, B. Ed, RMT Suzuki Piano/Rudiments/Adjudicator/Clinician
Home 811 Wilson Crescent (Avalon) Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7J 2M3 Home Phone: (306) 343-9945
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Raena Barnes — BMUS, MYC Certified, RMT RCM Rudiments/CC Theory/MYC/Composer
Home 730 Ledingham Place (Rosewood) Saskatoon SK S7V 0B6 Home Phone: (306) 955-4729
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Audrey Bayduza — BA, B Mus, M Mus, ARCT, RMT RCM Rudiments/History/Harmony/Counterpoint/Analysis /CC Rudiments/History/Harmony/Form/Analysis – Trinity Graded Work/Accompanist/Performer
Home 405 113th Street (Sutherland) Saskatoon SK S7N 1W2 Home Phone: (306) 373-8905
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Kathleen Bender — RMT Retired
Home 1007 Victoria Avenue (Nutana) Saskatoon SK S7N 0Z7 Home Phone: (306) 373-5816
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Heather Blakley — BMUS, AMUS, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments/CC Rudiments/Adjudicator/Examiner
Home 618 Van Impe Terrace (Willowgrove) Saskatoon SK S7W 1C2 Home Phone: (306) 220-8838
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Rachel Boyko — ARCT, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments//Harmony
Home Suite 128 – 125 Willis Crescent (Stonebridge) Saskatoon SK S7T 0T1 Home Phone: (306) 281-3585
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Donna Bramwell — ATCL, BA(Mus), MMus, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments
Home 434 Birch Crescent (Forest Grove) Saskatoon SK S7N 2K1 Home Phone: (306) 249-0223
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Lois Bruce — RMT, Honorary Life Member Retired
Home 1505-1825 McKercher Drive (Lakeview) Saskatoon SK S7H 5N5 Home Phone: (306) 373-1209
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Shairley Chen — B.Mus, RMT Piano/Flute/Rudiments
Home 251 Briarvale Bay (Briarwood) Saskatoon SK S7T 0W7 Cell Phone: (306) 262-2600
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Jhena Dela Cruz — ATCL, RMT Piano
Home 574 West Hampton Blvd (Hampton Village) Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7R 0C2 Home Phone: (306) 880-5799
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Brenda Derksen — ARCT, RMT Retired
Home 106 – 602 Cartwright Street (Willows) Saskatoon SK S7T 0G6 Home Phone: (306) 652-1249
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Melanie Effa — ARCT, RMT Piano/Rudiments
Home 106 Brookshire Crescent (Briarwood) Saskatoon SK S7V 1H7 Home Phone: (306) 374-8805
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Aliah Elliott — MMus Bmus RMT Voice
Home 2006 Dufferin Avenue (Queen Elizabeth) Saskatoon Sk S7J 1B9 Home Phone: (306) 596-3172
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Lynn Ewing — ATCL LTCL ARCT (piano), ARCT LTCL FTCL (voice), B.A. M.A. B.Ed Piano/VoiceRCM Rudiments/History/Harmony/Counterpoint/Analysis/Pedagogy/CC Rudiments/History/Harmony/Form-Analysis/Pedagogy/Adjudicator/Clinician/Accompanist
Home 726 10th Street East (Nutana) Saskatoon SK S7H 0H1 Home Phone: (306) 652-2240
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Bernadette Fanner — FTCL, LTCL, ATCL, BMUS, RMT Piano/RCM Rudiments/Accompanist
Home 659 Fast Cres (Aspen Ridge) Saskatoon SK S7W 0X1 Cell Phone: (306) 370-4268
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Louella Friesen — B.MUS., B.Church Music, RMT Voice/Adjudicator/Performer
Home Box 466 (Rosthern, Waldheim) Waldheim SK S0K 4R0 Home Phone: (306) 945-4930
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