Saskatoon Registered Music Teachers' Association
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The Saskatoon Branch of the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers Association is comprised of 84 members who have one or multiple degrees or diplomas in piano, voice, musical theatre, clarinet, saxophone, theory, or music in early childhood. These experienced, qualified teachers offer both a solid grounding in the basics and can carry students through goals of playing for personal enjoyment, competitions and festivals, examinations, or diplomas. The added benefits of studying with a member of our professional association include performing in multiple recitals around Saskatoon, receiving awards and scholarships, workshops and masterclasses with guest artists, and entering performance, pedagogy, and composition competitions. We are committed to excellence in the musical education of our students, teaching with dedicated ability and experience, and a commitment to continuous professional development.

History of the Saskatoon Branch

The Saskatoon Registered Music Teachers’ Association was formed as a branch of the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers' Association in 1932 and its original objectives have been achieved in many ways:

·to provide a professional forum for discussing matters musical
·to secure a more recognized standing before the public and
·to broaden the friendliness among members of the profession

Original, local founding members Lyell Gustin and George Palmer worked towards the Act of Registration with the Saskatchewan government, and long serving members such as Walter Thiessen, Mary Friesen, and Penny Joynt have carried the association to its current professional standing. The Saskatoon Branch has taken part in many aspects of music in the city by holding regular meetings with workshops for teachers, annual student recitals, hosting provincial and national conventions (the first of which was held in 1939 at the Bessborough Hotel), and supporting many other musical organizations such as the Musical Art Club and the Saskatoon Music Festival. The Young Artist Series, which is now a part of the national organization of the same name, was launched in Saskatoon by Lyell Gustin. The Saskatoon Branch continues to attract new, young music teachers to the profession and provide quality, dedicated music instruction to over 2000 Saskatoon area students.


Lyell Gustin at the Knabe
About the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers' Association

The Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers’ Association was formed in 1932 as a provincial organization of music teachers, several years after the formation of smaller branches throughout the province. The first provincial convention took place in Regina in 1934 with Mr. George Palmer, Saskatoon being elected as the first Provincial President and Grace Knowlden, Regina as secretary.

SRMTA became a member of the newly formed Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations in 1935 at a founding meeting in Vancouver. Mr. George Palmer represented the provincial association on this historic occasion.

Due to the efforts of Lyell Gustin, George Palmer, Grace Knowlden, and Edith Mash, the objective of further raising professional standards was achieved when the Act of Registration was passed in 1938. The president of the University of Saskatchewan, Walter Murray and Dean Moxon helped pilot the act through the legislature. This Act was the first of its kind in the Dominion. The Act was then revised in 2003 to bring it to its current status.


Why We Teach Music

Not because we expect our students to major in music;
Not because we insist that they play and sing all their lives;
Not so that they can relax; not so that they can have fun;

We teach music so that our students can be ... human. So that they will recognize beauty. So that they will be sensitive. So that they will learn discipline.  So that they will have more love, compassion, gentleness, good---in short, more life!


  • My daughter's piano teacher excels at offering a balanced musical education. Each lesson includes the basics of theory, technique and performance, but more importantly my daughter is developing a love of music inspired by her teacher's diligence in exposing her to a wide variety of musical styles and composers.

    Wenona LundstenParent
  • In the five years my daughter has studied piano with a Registered Music Teacher, she has been offered a wealth of knowledge which has deepen Sophia’s confidence, her curiosity in music, and her knowledge and appreciation of the piano, its history, and all that goes with it. Her teacher incorporates humour, encouragement, and high expectations into every lesson, provides invitations to arts performances in the city which has broadened her appreciation of music, and encouraged her to perform in Music Festivals and Royal Conservatory exams with has taught her much self-discipline.

    C.L. HaydenParent
  • I think that it's valuable to study with a registered music teacher because I can be sure that my teacher has good experience and credentials. I can feel confident that I'm receiving high quality music instruction.

  • The mastery of my daughter's teacher shows through in every lesson.  She keeps her fully engaged and interested, with time-tested skills and strategies for every level of piano. This translates into more enthusiasm to practice and prepare for lessons, a bonus for me.

    Janice BradenParent
  • As an adult student, I find the structure of lessons with an RMT maximizes the amount of information I absorb while studying piano. Learning the science behind the theory has enhanced my appreciation of music as a whole.

  • Being an RMT has put me on the cutting edge of teaching, helping me become the best I can be.  Through continuing education, my musical knowledge is constantly renewed by SRMTA, benefitting my students greatly. Students also benefit from exclusive RMT competitions, scholarships, and recitals, and are involved in musical events all around Saskatoon.

    Noreen WensleyRMT